Your PYRO Wallet

From here you can Transfer your tokens to other wallets, Freeze tokens to earn more PYRO and Request to join the Faucet for free tokens!

PYRO Network Token Contract:

Your PYRO Tokens


Total PYRO Supply


Total PYRO Frozen


Your Frozen PYRO

Freeze Tokens

1000 PYRO minimum

UnFreeze Tokens

(5% Tax - Distributed among remaining staked PYRO)

Frozen PYRO Dividends

Frozen PYRO Dividends

Transfer Tokens

(5% Burn rate)


How does the faucet work?

You can claim 10,000 PYRO for every 1 ETH your address held in your wallet at block snapshot 8900000. You can only claim once per address and there's a claim minimum of 100 PYRO (0.01 ETH held) and a claim maximum of 100,000 PYRO (10 ETH held).